Castling & Co offers clients a tailored approach to selling unique assets by harnessing our network of domestic and international investors, which enable us to hold private sales. We conduct these sales for a variety of items, such as fine art, jewelry, and luxury vehicles.

Our team is on hand to assist with research, valuations, and/or selling on your behalf.
Whether you are looking to sell an item, or to use it to release equity, our conduct is governed by a commitment to discretion and a belief that we are rewarded in direct relation to our ability to meet and exceed the requirements of our clients.

Partnering with us to achieve the sale of a unique asset means access to a global network of experts with many decades of combined experience, whose knowledge will be brought to bear upon your exit strategy, pricing, and access to refinancing options that can either provide the liquidity that an optimal sale process may require, or a long-term financial structure to provide additional security for your family.

Although not currently considering sculpture, we are happy to accept motoring assets, marine vehicles, aircraft, contemporary art, impressionist and modern art, books and manuscripts, contemporary art.

Article by:

Paul Essien

Founder of Castling & Co