Our Team

Paul Essien

BA Hons | Business Development Executive

Paul has been creating solutions within the sphere of Real Estate Acquisitions and Real Estate Financing for almost two decades.

An Economics graduate with real world experience of the necessity for effective communication, creativity, and dynamism when conducting high level real estate transactions, Paul is committed to an approach in which assumptions hold little weight, and a desire to understand the needs of all stakeholders is prioritised.

When dynamically an effectively approached, the challenges that Paul deals with, and the solutions that he deploys, continue to yield mutually beneficial opportunities for all stakeholders involved in his transactions. This has also created an appreciation of the importance of dealing with the difficult and sensitive circumstances that often occur when stakes are high, and timely decisions must be made, with no room for error.

Passionate about being able to focus on the structural details that underpin successful transactions, Paul continues to maintain a small footprint within the industry, whilst empowering the talent that he has been fortunate to work with.

Nicholas Chancellor-Weale

BA Hons | Head of Acquisitions

Nicholas spent the first five years of his career in London working as one of the founding members of an innovative property start-up, which developed and operated hotels in central London. The company developed and built up its portfolio from 20 to 1,000 keys across 6 hotels including the old Whitbread Brewery on Chiswell in the City and the renowned Blakes Hotel of South Kensington, within that time to an eventual capitalisation of £300m. He then went on to be involved in some real estate developments both here in the UK and abroad including Switzerland primarily in sales.

In 2017 Nicholas co-founded a development company, Brockwell Group which was established to deliver best-in-class houses and flats within the affordable areas of London targeting end of values of sub £1,000 p sq ft. Brockwell Group made a purchase on the edge of the Olympic village, in Bow E3. Planning permission was granted and PC was reached in Q4 2018. The company went on to be involved in developing larger mixed used sites primarily in East London in key locations with strong fundamentals. The last project was in Shoreditch, it will eventually stand north of 150,000 sq. ft with a GDV of c.£170m.

Nicholas has earned a reputation amongst his sizeable network for being knowledgeable, insightful, inventive, and resourceful. His appreciation for detail and the impact of nuances upon outcomes, have often been the difference in not only securing opportunities but in ensuring that a profitable exit is secured for all sides of the transaction. Nicholas’ capacity to consume and interrogate details that are often not immediately apparent, are critical in the space within which we operate, where time is a luxury that we are frequently forced to transact without.

Rihab El -Mastour

MBA MSc | Head of Commercial Strategy & Senior Relationship Manager

Fluent in English, French, Spanish, and a native Arabic speaker, Rihab’s ability to communicate effectively is matched by her passion to do so. These attributes are further bolstered by a master’s degree in Marketing and Commercial Strategies, and an MBA in Business Administration and Management, which have seen her influence and author a number of our campaigns, and ultimately determine the spirit of our engagement with key demographics within Greater London.

Rihab has spent the past five years dealing with real estate transactions across the continent and in prime Central London, with buyers and sellers from across the globe. This exposure to the circumstances that come to pass when asset owners are seeking discreet exits from their unique real estate, has imbued Rihab with the confidence to explore varied solutions, and to explore the latitude that her ability and track record with us has afforded to her.

Rihab’s experience is complimented by her determined approach to problem solving, and a willingness to slow down, and truly examine the needs of her client, regardless of the perceived confines of their situation.

Delina Michael

LLB Hons | Senior Relationship Manager

The past six years have seen Delina showcase her unique skills within our corporate family. With direct involvement in the acquisition and sale of tens of millions of pounds worth of real estate across Greater London Delina has continued to expose herself to the pressures and challenges that a commitment to learning and self-development promises.

An LLB Law graduate, Delina continues to evidence her ability to marry her creativity with technical expertise, and situational awareness, in a manner that is of great benefit to both our organisation, and the asset owners that we work with.

Delina has a heightened sense of attention to detail, that has been sharpened by her academic background and bolstered by seeing first-hand the fallout that occurs when transactions are not conducted at this level with the utmost care. However, Delina is far from pedestrian, and continues to exhibit a flair for operating in an effective, dynamic, and yet considered manner regardless of the asset size and it’s value.