Our assisted sale product is a mechanism through which we inject liquidity into the process of selling Prime and Super-Prime real estate in the United Kingdom.

Buffeted by the headwinds incurred by servicing debt in an inflationary market, record rises in interest rates, no reduction in stamp duty for properties over £1,500,000; liquidity can become an essential factor in an asset-owner’s ability to realise the full market value of an asset when selling, as it can often take in excess of twelve months to exit truly unique, residential real estate.

Through a number of vehicles, we have more than 55 years of experience in dealing with the acquisition and sale of Prime and Super-Prime real estate in Central London, Surrey, Berkshire and beyond. Our experience has informed this product and its associated services, as we have sought to create an environment in which the sale of unique residential property is given every opportunity to come to pass at a level and under circumstances befitting the vision of the owner.

To this end, we make capital available to the asset owner at the outset of our engagement. These funds can be used for relocation purposes, to stabilise debt, for refurbishment and even the complete redevelopment and/or refinancing of the asset. Subsequently and in conjunction with the asset owner, we establish an exit strategy which includes, consultation over finishing, pricing, and marketing, with a view to selling for the highest achievable price.

Discussions regarding the proceeds of sale further evidence our commitment to ensure that the asset owners that engage with us are rewarded for their trust in our process, with the transaction and proceeds of sale being heavily geared in favour of the asset owner.

We believe that Prime and Super-Prime real estate will continue to prove to be an exceptional investment. Our commitment to these transactions is evidenced by our willingness to invest the capital, and technical capabilities that prior campaigns have bestowed upon us. We believe that our willingness to concede that an asset owner is likely to possess more knowledge about their property, and the ideal dynamic in which their property should be sold is a strength and not a weakness and allows for a genuine partnership in which mutual benefit can exist, whilst honouring the owner for their vision, insight, risk and ownership of some of the United Kingdom’s most sought-after assets.

Article by:

Paul Essien

Founder of Castling & Co